22-24 Sep14…Made it to Kenosha!

We had good travels from KY to Kenosha.  The only hiccup was trying to re-fuel in Northern, IL at a Pilot truck stop.  My credit card was declined.  About the same time the nice lady at the truck stop told us this, I got a text message from our bank listing a fraud alert.  This was just a precautionary measure, as they noted some rather large fuel purchases over the past few days.  That was all cleared up in short order.  Tech Tip:  If you are going to have charges that will be out of the ordinary, let your bank know ahead of time to prevent a bit of embarrassment. We made it to our daughter and son-in-law’s house about 5 PM.  Was a challenge trying to find a place to park, as we are quite wide and over 12 feet tall.  The trees on the street were not very cooperative; however, we were able to find a place to park on the street for two nights.  It was awesome to see our Wisconsin kids and grand kids again!

Getting Ready to Play football with Toby.

Getting Ready to Play football with Toby.

Terri spent the next day getting ready for her trip to Switzerland with our Daughter and Grand Son.  Our daughter works there from time to time, and Terri was fortunate enough to go along to watch Toby.  I spent the day getting ready to move as well.  We both had a great time with Toby, and later in the day Emma and Eli.  I hit the road about 0930 on the 24th en-route to the Lawrence, or Paw-Paw Michigan area to spend some time with some friends and hopefully lend a hand getting ready for an auction they were having.  Terri and the rest of the gang headed to the airport later in the morning to head to Switzerland. This was my first experience pulling the Toad and navigating a major city in the Coach by myself.  I missed my trusty Navigator!  My Rand McNally RVND 7725 GPS performed quite well.  It is a GPS that is made specifically for RVs.  You can enter your height and width, among many other things that make is safer to navigate the roadways.  The idea is to keep you away from low bridges, dead-end streets, etc.  I like the unit, but really wish it had the ability to better manipulate the route.  It will pick two and give you the choice of one or the other, but if you want to deviate from that, it is difficult to change the route.  Essentially you have to enter waypoints, or use the multiple stop trip feature which is quite time-consuming.  After using the paper Atlas, Google Maps, Map Quest, etc., I determined the best route was I-94 South to the Tri-State Tollway to I-94 east.  The GPS original route kept wanting to take me to the middle of Chicago to get on I-94 sooner.  No way I was going to do that.  I really like the feature on Map Quest that allows you to “pull” the suggested route to roads you would prefer to take. The trip went real well, and I made it to our friends house early in the afternoon.  I actually averaged about 8.9 MPG…very good considering the load.


3 thoughts on “22-24 Sep14…Made it to Kenosha!

  1. Ron, sounds like you guys are having a good time. Enjoy your travels. If you guys are in the area or heading out west next spring or summer let us know. I’ll hook up our trailer and meet you guys. We will most likely be heading to Arkansas in June and back to Yellowstone and Glacier during the summer. Thanks for the blog, Wendie, the boys and I will keep up with you here and on Facebook


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