30 Sep – 4 Oct, Ypsilanti, Michigan

It was a really nice drive East on I-94 to Ypsilanti, MI.  I arrived at the Detroit-Greenfield RV Park about 1:30 PM, and was assigned site 326, which is a pull-through with 30 AMP and water/sewer.  Not quite sure how this is classified a pull-through, as it appears it will be a challenge getting the Coach out.  There are about 20 pull-through sites in the open (I am in the woods), and all of the nice spots in the open are reserved for the weekend.  When I checked in, the nice young lady behind the desk indicated that this is one of their biggest weekends, as they put on a Halloween celebration.  She said I could get some candy for the trick-or-treaters on Saturday night, or turn my exterior lights off and be a prude:)  I spent the rest of the afternoon getting set up and made a trip to Wally World for some groceries.  I am parked in the oak trees, and the squirrels seem to enjoy seeing how many acorns they can drop on my roof at one time.

Camp site 326 taken on Saturday morning.  A cool 42 degrees at day break, rain off and on.

Camp site 326 taken on Saturday morning. A cool 42 degrees at day break, rain off and on.

This was taken on Wed the 1st.  What great color already.

This was taken on Wed the 1st. What great color already.

Tues night (and every night since) I have gone to see my brother and his wife in Ann Arbor.  What a treat that is, as we don’t get to see each other often enough.  The food and company have been fantastic.  Thursday night was a blast, as I got to see two of my nephews and my nephews girlfriend.  We all gathered to watch the Packers stomp the Vikings. It was really nice to enjoy a game in something other than cardiac mode.  My sister-in-law, Babette did me a great service in getting me up and running on this blog.  If there are any errors, omissions, mistakes, it is not her fault!  I just appreciate her taking the time out of her schedule to get me up and running.  They welcomed me back again Friday night for a great meal, and we were joined by some deer that made short work out of eating all of the acorns in my brothers yard that the squirrels have been spending their time hiding.

Doe and a button buck eating well.

Doe and a button buck eating well.

Depending on what happens with the weather, we hope to grill out here tonight and watch the ghosts and goblins pass by.  I’m looking forward to hopefully going to the Ford museum tomorrow.  I plan to head out of here mid morning on Monday, as I have a scheduled maintenance appointment at Onan-Cummins in Elkhart, IN on Tues morning.

Tech Tip: A lot of Cummins repair facilities cater to RVs.  We learned this when we were towed to a Cummins facility in Columbia, SC a couple of months ago when our oil pressure sensor switch failed.  Just like the facility in Columbia, the one in Elkhart has 30 Amp hook ups for those staying overnight for service.  I hope to pull in Monday afternoon, stay the night, and get the service done first thing in the morning.

While I am there, I hope to be able to sneak over to the RV Museum and Hall of Fame which is just down the road from the Cummins shop.  Terri has been there but I have not.  I will have the Cummins folks check out my l’il oil leak as well, and hope that is not too hard on the wallet.  You never know.  If all goes well, I hope to be on the road early in the afternoon on Tues and make it around Chicago and back to WI before rush hour.  I plan to stay at the Cliffside Park Campground in Racine, WI.  $20 per night, and 30 AMP with Water.  They are only open until the 15th of October, and I am researching our alternatives from there.  It seems that most camp grounds in WI close either the end of Sep or the middle of October.  I can understand why, as temperatures are already in the 30’s overnight in North Central WI, which is where we plan to head after Terri gets back.  She gets in on the 7th, so I hope to be set up in Racine and able to go get her and Toby.

Tech Tip:  How do you find camp grounds?  The best little app I have found so far is called ALLSTAYS Camp and RV.  It was $9.99, and I can use it on all of my apple devices.  This app lists almost all private and public camp grounds across the country, as well as fuel stops, low bridges and a few other odds and ends.  Another free app that is very useful is called RV Parky.  This one does a good job as well picking up city and county parks, and just like ALLSTAYS, lists the RV friendly Wall Marts, Cracker Barrels, etc.  I think I’ve mentioned at least Wall Mart before, and the reason is that most Wall Marts and Cracker Barrels will let you stay over night when on the road.  The biggest issue that I have seen with this is that some people abuse the privilege to park over night and stay for extended periods of time.  The rule of the road is to get permission first, and leave your slides in and jacks up.  Don’t set up like you are at a campground.  This is a great benefit to those travelling and just looking to get a few hours rest.  If too many folks abuse the privilege, it will go away.

I guess I should get off the computer and get outside for a while…it is still quite brisk however.  This brings me to my final point for today…heating systems are great!  My coach has two systems for heat.  The AC system has a heat pump feature which works well into the mid 40’s.  The other system I have on board is called a Hurricane Hydronic Heating System.  Hurricane changed names to Hydra-Hot, and now I believe it is called Aqua-Hot.  In any case this system is great!  As indicated in my owner’s manual, Hydronics is any system of heating or cooling that involves circulating a fluid within a closed plumbing system to transfer and disperse heat.  Your car or truck uses hydronics to heat the driving compartment.  My coach is equipped with not only the conventional system (like that in your car) but also a semi-independent system that serves the domestic requirements of the coach.  This system contains added plumbing lines to the chassis system and functions as the heat source for the interior living areas, freeze protection for the water bay, and a supplemental heat source for the fresh water system.  There is an auxiliary diesel-fired coolant heater that allows the domestic system to function without running the engine.This heater is located in one of the exterior bays…see below:

Hurricane auxiliary heater

Hurricane auxiliary heater

This heater draws fuel from the main fuel tank.  In essence, I flip a couple of switches, the pump circulates the coolant, and the Hurricane heats it.  I set my furnace to the temp I desire, and enjoy the heat!  This system does a much better job of heating in cooler temps than the heat pumps do.  The other great thing is the water bay freeze protection.  The freeze protection is independently controlled by a thermostat located in the water bay, and is set at 35 degrees.  Two solenoid valves will activate and heated coolant will circulate through the compartment when the temp is below 35.  No frozen water tanks is the key, and I believe we may get to test this out next week.  Wish us luck!











2 thoughts on “30 Sep – 4 Oct, Ypsilanti, Michigan

  1. Sounds like you saw Nick for the Packer game (only way I could figure two nephews). Sorry we missed you, but hopefully it will work out soon.


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