6 October: Ypsilanti, MI to Elkhart, IN

The camp ground cleared out early Sunday, and it was just me and a few other folks for the overnight.  I was awakened at about 0530 by one of the seasonal campers blaring U2.  Not a bad band to wake up too, but a bit early.  Got everything secured after it got light out, and was ready to navigate the “not” pull-through site by 0800.  Took a few up and backs to get out of the site without making some Oak trees a permanent part of the Coach, but eventually made it out.  Hooked up the truck and was on the road by 0900.  Was a nice drive to the Onan-Cummins shop in Elkhart.  I tried to take some pictures of the color as I stopped along the way, but none of them turned out.  The color is really starting to pop out.  Was mostly a rain/cloudy day, so will wait for some sun to get some better pictures.  Pulled in about 1:00, and was told I had my pick of the six sites behind the shop.  Really nice!  Concrete pads and 30 Amp electric.  They have a dump station and a fresh water fill as well.  Not bad for free…other than what the maintenance of the coach will cost tomorrow.  I will meet the service tech at 0730 to get the paperwork done.

Site #6.  Awesome!

Site #6. Awesome!

Made a quick run to the grocery store, and found a Meijer store nearby.  One of my favorites…Dutch of course.  Picked up a ceramic heater on sale.  Is a Honeywell 360 degree, 5118 BTU, adjustable 1500 or 3000 watt, temperature adjustable unit.  Making it real toasty in here.

Tech TIP:  Ceramic heaters are much quieter than the heat pumps, and use the camp ground electric rather than the Hurricane burning my Diesel, or burning propane for those of you that have propane furnaces.  Seems to heat up much faster and maintain the temp as well.  This one (as most now) has tip over protection.  Make sure you test this when you first use it…mine works almost too well.  These are also very good units to use in your wet bay area on nights that it may freeze to protect your fresh water, gray and black tanks…essentially the entire wet bay area.  Even though I have a system that kicks in to provide protection when it is near freezing, I am more comfortable knowing that there is heat circulating around the bay that does not rely on an automated system.

This place is like a Menards, Wall-Mart, Lowes and Home Depot all in one.

This place is like a Menards, Wall-Mart, Lowes and Home Depot all in one.

Very toasty!  Time to turn this baby down.

Very toasty! Time to turn this baby down.

Made it back to the Cummins shop to see a brand new Entegra 500HP top of the line Coach being towed in.  The guy had just been at the Entegra dealer to get some work done on the coach, and something went wrong with his exhaust, that only allowed him to do 4 MPH.  Ouch!  He said he was supposed to be in PA a week ago, but issues with the Coach have delayed him.  As he said, “Oh well, it is what it is.”  He’s just down the lane from me.


I had the fortunate pleasure of being able to go to dinner tonight with our great friends who had the auction last week.  They got hold of me yesterday and said they would be in the area, so we got to spend some more time together, and it was great.  I’ve spent the night so far trying to convince my GPS that it can actually plot a course of my liking around Chicago rather than the one it wants…we will see who wins.  I hope to get over to the RV Hall of Fame and Museum tomorrow while the Coach is in the shop…it is only about 2 miles away.  All in all another great day on the highways and byways.  I hope to head out of here early tomorrow afternoon and make it to Cliffside County Park in Caledonia, WI, which is close to our Daughters house.  They are only open until the 12th, so looking for options after that.  If I cannot get out of here early enough tomorrow, I’ll beg another night here off of the good folks at Cummins, and make a run for the border on Wed morning.



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