13-14 October; Blowing, Raining and a Birthday Girl!

The weather changes in a hurry around here.  It has been absolutely perfect fall weather, and yesterday the rain and wind blew in.  It is starting to clear up now, and looks to be good for the rest of the week.  Yesterday we took our time getting going, as it was too tempting to stay in bed and listen to the rain on the roof.  I still have a small leak getting in behind the side vent for the refrigerator, and cannot figure out how to stop it.  It is leaking into one of the bays.  It is not much, but we have to determine how to stop it.  Always something.  We also have a small leak from the flushing mechanism on the toilet, and will have to pull that apart tomorrow and figure out how to fix it.

We got to Terri’s mom’s house early in the afternoon, as Terri, her mom and her sisters were going dress shopping, and I spent the afternoon/evening driving the back roads around where I grew up looking for, and finding a lot of deer and turkeys. Earlier we also stopped at our land, and will go back when the weather is better to get some photos.  We had it logged last year, and we now need to determine where we will eventually build a spot to park the Coach for the times we are up here.  There was a lot of deer sign, and expect the nephews to take advantage soon.  I stopped and had a burger at one of the local bar and grills of my youth, then picked up Terri and we headed back to the Coach.

Today started a bit earlier, and we had breakfast at the Casino, and drove the byways checking out some of the muted color due to the rain.

Hope you can see the trees!

Hope you can see the trees!


We stopped in the small town of Gresham which is a few miles from here to check out some of the antique shops and the local grocery.  We found this delicious looking “sandwich spread:”

Finger Lickin Good...We will never know.  Check out the ingredients...

Finger Lickin Good…We will never know. Check out the ingredients…

We also made some stops for groceries and other items, including a stop at Nueske’s Meats for some Applewood Smoked Bacon, Beef Sticks, Maple Syrup and a few other items.  IMG_3374


We are now back at the Coach and plan to head to the Casino for a bit tonight.  Hopefully Terri is lucky on her lucky day!  She tells me she is 38 today…I will not argue with her.  That means she had our oldest when she was 8, and since we have been married for 31 years, I guess she robbed the cradle, you do the math.  She is still the apple of my eye!!  Takes a special girl to live full time with someone full time in less than 300 square feet.


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