8-11 November; Arrival at Shaw AFB, A Scare, and Veteran’s Day

It was a great trip from Stone Mountain, GA to Shaw AFB in South Carolina where our son, daughter-in-law, grand-daughter and soon to be grand-son are living.  It is funny how we have been chasing the colors of the trees down south.  Just as soon as they wear out where we are at, we seem to catch up with them.  The weather was perfect for traveling, and we arrived at the Fam Camp on Shaw AFB in plenty of time to get set-up before Jason, Meghan and Peyton showed up.  There was a bit of confusion when we arrived, as there was someone in our spot, but we got it figured out, he moved (after he was all set up) and we got settled in.  We are going to be here for a couple of months, and he was only staying one more night, so he graciously moved to a different spot.

We belong to a lot of full-time RV blogs and web sites, and we hear a lot of complaining from time to time about how people are rude in some cases, but we have seen nothing of that in our travels.  It always seemed to me that if you treat people how you want to be treated, things go quite smoothly. This park is much more crowded than the park at Fort Knox, but it is nice, and the neighbors are awesome.  Most of the folks in this park are here for the long hall…some active duty, and some DoD civilians.  There is one guy here that has been in the park for 6 years!  After we got all set, we went to Jason and Meghan’s, and got to reunite with Peyton:

Awesome to see Peyton again!!

Awesome to see Peyton again!!

We spent a great night with them, and went to church with them the next morning, and it was a great service.  In fact, we are hoping to be able to help the community through their church while we are here, helping people get their yards ready for the winter, and whatever else those in need may be in want of.  Sunday night was a bit of a scare, as Meghan’s blood pressure was real high, and she was not feeling well, so she ended up in the hospital for the night.  It was however, a great night for football, as the Packers destroyed the Bears.  Peyton announced ahead of time what would happen, as she was packing Jay Cutler’s bags for him:

Packers will win and Jay needs to hit the road!

Packers will win and Jay needs to hit the road!

We watched Peyton overnight, and got her to school on Monday.  Meghan had a few contractions, but apparently the l’il guy isn’t quite ready to meet the world yet.  All the tests checked out fine, and she came home later in the day.

I was able to get the coach washed and all cleaned up after not having given it a bath in about a month.  I also chased down some of the other leak issues we had, and I think the whole radiator fluid thing was just a fluke, but we have not had to use the hydronic heater of late, as the temps have been great.  We will see what happens when the cold snap hits next week.  The repair made in Bowling Green seems to be holding well, and we are happy as clams here right now.

A clean Coach is a happy coach!

A clean Coach is a happy Coach!

Today was veteran’s day…I am forever grateful for those that went before us and paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  I am also honored to have served with so many great patriots, and am grateful for those that serve today, including our son.  One of the great things about presently being on an active fighter base, is hearing the “sound of freedom” roaring overhead throughout the day (Shaw is an active F-16 Fighter Base..among other things).  The most sobering experience is that which harkens memories of our active duty time, as the sound of reveille in the morning and taps at night is an exciting and sobering experience for us both.  Thank you so much to those of you that reached out to us today!!

Meghan was feeling great today, so we decided to take advantage of what Sumter had to offer for Veteran’s day.  We went to the County Courthouse downtown, and were thrilled with the presentation they put on in honor of all veteran’s.  Great speeches, and an awesome display of support from the community afterward.  There had to be over 30 different businesses represented, providing everything from food, to neat give aways.  I also won a gift certificate for one of the local businesses here.  This community does a great job supporting the armed forces!  There were many other things offered throughout the community.  Jason and I got free hair cuts at Great Clips, a free cup of coffee at Starbucks, and some reduced rates at a couple of hardware stores we stopped at.  Here is a shot from the courthouse:

Great ceremony in downtown Sumter today!

Great ceremony in downtown Sumter today!

The screen door handle broke earlier today, so we tried the “fix the internal mechanism’s” approach first…it was worth the 99 cents we spent on a spring to repair the mechanism, but the interior of the door handle could not support the stronger spring.  I’ll be making a trip back tomorrow to purchase the $16 full mechanism.  We also tried to repair an extension cord of mine that had some exposed wires, but I picked up the wrong part today…something else for tomorrow, along with the coming up with a better way to access my water filter.  The present panel is sealed by six screws that always fall out while on the road.  I’ll come up with a better fix tomorrow.

All in all, a very blessed day, and to top it off, we have Peyton with us overnight, as Meghan has a doctor’s appointment early, Jason is working, and Peyton has to be at school at 09:00.  Lovin the RV life!!


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