15-20 November; Baby Home, Sickness, Birthday, Repairs

Whew…sorry it has been so long folks, but I was seriously under the weather until late yesterday.  I have not had a cold like this in ages, and cannot remember the last time I was down for the count like I was on this one.  I guess I need to toughen up if I’m going to continue to be a regular at preschool’s, otherwise know as Germ Factories:)  I don’t know where I got this bug, but pretty sure it was from the two twins at Peyton’s school.  All real “kewl” looking and smiley, but dripping with snot.  You’ve seen them before.  The cutest kids in the world, but with one agenda…SHARE THE PAIN!!  So, most of the week has been a blur.  On Saturday, I was still feeling well, and had no idea this was coming on, so we had Peyton overnight, and went to the hospital to bring Logan home!  What a blast that was.  All went well.  Here is a shot:

What a great little guy!!

What a great little guy!!  Happy as a clam at home.

Sunday-Tuesday were kind of a wash in my mind, as most of it was spent on the mend.  Logan had a bout with Jaundice, but after a few days at home under the “blue lights,” he is fine.  Just because I was down for the count did not mean that my fingers could not do the walking through the RV pages and on Amazon!  I was able to finally find a matt for outside of the RV that I think will work well.  It was $86 on Amazon, and was free shipping.  I got it on Tuesday, and I think it looks quite grand with the color of the coach (I am mostly color blind by the way.)  One of the great things about it is that the water seeps through, and it cleans very easily.  It is also reversible, and I will get a shot after I flip it as well:

New Camp Matt

New Camp Matt

Loving this spot at Shaw AFB, SC

Loving this spot at Shaw AFB, SC

The matt really helps to keep “stuff” out of the coach, and provides a great place to hang out.  It folds up real small, and has a storage bag that makes it easy to load in the underbelly of the coach.

Let me back up a bit…Monday was my birthday…who’s counting??  It was a great day, even though I was under the weather.  Terri spent all day making my favorite meal, and I joined the clan later in the day for supper and presents!  I am truly blessed just to be able to enjoy being with family, and was graced with many other items.  One of them is this Hubsan X4 Quad Copter that Jason and Meghan got for me.  What a blast!!  I’ve only crashed it a few times; however, I did order the crash pack today for replacement rotor blades, among a few other parts that already need replacement:)  Look out FAA!!  This thing is fast!  It does not have a camera, so put your fears at rest.  I am a bit hesitant about flying it on an active fighter base, but the guy that runs the Fam Camp here had a good time checking it out when he came out to see what I was up to.  By the way, he really came out to say that he moved some folks around, and we are good to stay here until 9 January!  At $16 per night for full 50 Amp hook-ups, I’m in!!  Here is a shot of the X4:

It may look small, but it packs a punch.  Just stay away from trees and landing upside down on blacktop:(

It may look small, but it packs a punch. Just stay away from trees and landing upside down on black top:(

I actually managed to get a few other things done along the way.  I got the shower caddie thing finally figured out.  I was not able to get that last angry screw out, but found a work around.  Here is the installed version:IMG_3626

Peyton had a Thanksgiving Celebration at her school on Wed, so we had her early on and Terri did a great job getting her ready to go…think she is excited??

Off to school...off to school...

Off to school…off to school…

This morning I was able to take care of a few other nagging issues inside the coach.  The panel on the left side of the driver’s seat houses many wires, and other things including the control for the air brake and the gear selector switches.  It had separated from the wall, and I was worried that activating the brake would eventually lead to some wires being shorted or worse.  I disassembled the panel, and discovered that on one side, the wrong type of screws had been used to secure the panel to the wall.  This caused the caulking at the wall side to separate.  I found some replacement screws, then re-caulked the area.  It looks like heck now, but I use clear caulk and will be able to color match so it is not quite as much of an eye sore in the future.  Right now however, it is much more functional, and I don’t have to worry about the panel coming off when I apply the air brakes:

Looks like it is still broken, but it is not!

Looks like it is still broken, but it is not!

Later in the day, Terri brought Peyton bye after taking her to story day at the base library.  We ate lunch, then hit the road.  We have always enjoyed checking out the highways and byways wherever we are, and that is a lot of what led us to this life.  So today, we decided to check this area out a bit more.  We made it about 30 miles away to Poinsett State Park.  It is a gorgeous spot just Southwest of Sumter.  They have a nice campground with water and 30 Amp service for $18 per night.  The views are quite nice as well.

The Lake at Poinsett.  They have WifI, game room, and many, many hiking trails.

The Lake at Poinsett. They have Wifi, game room, and many, many hiking trails.

Sorry, had to take a picture of this most awesome Ford F-150.

Sorry, had to take a picture of this most awesome Ford F-150.

A shot from one of the overlooks in the park.

A shot from one of the overlooks in the park.

We also drove down to Santee State Park, which is very nice as well.  Much bigger, and more commercialized, but we think it may be worth a stop on one of our travels.  It is just off of I-95 and I-26.

Tech Tip:  A record was set for low temperatures in this area on Tuesday night.  It got down to 19 degrees here!  Very cold for this area.  We watch the weather closely and knew this was coming.  I filled the fresh water tank Tuesday morning, and unhooked from water and sewer (after I dumped the black and the gray.)  I buttoned everything up, and kept the light on in the bay with the water hose, and put towels around where the electric line comes in.  We are fortunate in that our coach has a freeze protection system that I explained in a previous post.  It is all connected to the Hydronic Heating system.  This system performed flawlessly to date, and I do not think I will ever buy a coach without one of these systems again.  We were very comfortable overnight, and never noticed the “cold.”  Between the ceramic heater and the “Hurricane” hydronic heat, we were very toasty.  In fact, I got up overnight to turn the ceramic heater off, as it was too warm!  We have a few more cold snaps headed this way, but I am hopeful not as cold as the last one.  There are a lot of folks in this park that do not have the systems that we do, but they are all seasoned campers and seem to have fared very well.

Again, we hope this finds you all well and in good spirits as we approach Thanksgiving!


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