2-7 Jan 15; Goodbyes, COLD, Preparing to Move

Well, I hope this works, as this is the first time I’ve posted from my iPad. Terri is busy scanning photos at the desk, so a perfect time to see if the “mobile” blogging works.

On Saturday we said goodbye to Ashley and family. Time goes so fast!  That’s the main reason we got into this RV thing. How much is enough? How long must one wait to do what they’ve dreamed of?  Granted, we took a great leap of faith when we launched into this lifestyle, but neither of us would give a minute back. I read a blog post by Nick Russell the other day.  Find his writings on gypsyjournalrv.com. Nick and his wife Terry have been full timing for years, and he publishes a newspaper, is a respected author, and all around good guy from my experience. He published a blog post on the 3rd of Jan entitled “$3,600.”  It is a sad story of a couple that had wanted to full-time RV for years, but were convinced to keep working for the additional $100 per month they would get in Social Security if they kept working. Three years later (and a potential additional $3,600 later) one of the couple died, and the dream is gone. I’ve told many of you that the one question Terri and I asked of everyone we talked to when preparing for this lifestyle was “what would you do differently if you had the opportunity to do it again.”  Without fail, the answer was, “we wish we would have done it 10 years sooner.”

Well, we don’t have much time under our belts yet, but we sure have enjoyed the time we have been able to spend with family and friends since our full-time RV (kind of…house not sold yet) launch date in September.

Needless to say after all of this rambling, we love the time we have had together, and are sad to say goodbye, but know it won’t be too long before we meet again.

Tech Tip:  Hey, I thought we were in the South!  It is supposed to get down to 15 degrees tonight, with a high of 32 tomorrow. What the heck?  Well, we knew this was coming, so we got the tanks to the right levels the other day, the underbelly lights are on, and our heater has been working well to date.  I certainly hope it doesn’t decide to give up tonight, as it not only provides heat inside the coach, but it provides the freeze protection for the tanks and other “vulnerable” systems. I took a walk around the campground tonight, and was amazed at how many people are still hooked up to the water spigots, and have their drain hoses out. From what I’ve read and learned to date, unless you have heated hoses…get everything in and under cover.  We are pretty much buttoned up, and it is presently 70 in the coach, and 52 in the bays, and we are only on my l’il electric heater so far, as the Hurricane Hydronic Furnace hasn’t kicked on yet.  I’m sure it will happen soon.  Do yourself a favor and do as much as you can to insulate yourselves.  We will see how we fare overnight.

I had a little project to do today, as the locking mechanism on the back of the left side closet door just fell off the other day. It is only held on with double stick tape, and I think the cooler temps caused it to just give up. It took the better part of two hours to get the old tape all off, and I went to Lowes yesterday to get some new tape. Is supposed to be rated at 10 pounds per inch, which is needed due to the pressure exerted when it engages the latch on the door. I got it installed today, and seems to be working well so far:


New sticky stuff installed.

New sticky stuff installed.

This is the back side of the latch. It took a while to get it lined up, as the new tape I am using is thinner than the previous sticky stuff.

This is the back side of the latch. It took a while to get it lined up, as the new tape I am using is thinner than the previous sticky stuff.

We have had Peyton over a couple of nights, and I don’t know how Terri does it, but she pulls stuff out of places I didn’t know we had.  She has an old mason jar full of buttons that Peyton loves playing with:

Button, button...who has the button?

Button, button…who has the button?

Logan continues to grow at the weed you hate to see sped...11.5 pounds already!  Gonna miss these two!!

Logan continues to grow at the “weed you hate to see” speed…11.5 pounds already! Gonna miss these two!!

Well, plans are afoot for moves.  We plan to get Jason and family packed next Thursday and Friday, and hopefully they can head back to MD on Saturday if all works out as it should.  Terri and I will hit the road on the 19th to get back and take care of some things at the house.  We still don’t have solid reservations in FL, but things are coming together.

We plan to leave Florida in early to mid Feb for a slow trek to Texas.  We have reservations at Guadalupe River State Park which is about 35 miles north of San Antonio starting on March 11.  We plan to catch up with two of Terri’s Aunt and Uncles who trek down there in their fifth wheels each year. We will be there until the 25th at least.  We hope to hit as many military Fam camps as we can on the long trek over.  We are looking forward to that!  After Texas, well, we really don’t know.  Our only plans beyond TX in the near to far term are to meet our friends from Alaska in Oregon sometime in the late spring, so hopefully we can take a slow leisurely trips up through Montana and some other areas we have lived in the past to catch up with friends and see some more of this country.  We will be back in WI by August for a wedding, and will likely be there through October again as we have another wedding there in Oct.

We hope you all are well, and if any of you have recommendations for a good two bike hitch mount, please let us know!


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