15-17 Jan 2015; Truck Packed, Sad Goodbyes, Great Trip, Gotta Get Rid of Stuff!!

Hey, what a busy three days!  Got Jason and family packed and on their way to MD, made the trip from SC to FL in good shape, and now we have to move and/or sell our stuff!

As posted last time, Jason and I got most of the heavy stuff loaded into the truck on Wed night. Terri, Meghan, Peyton, Logan and I pretty much packed the rest of the truck on Thursday. Jason got home about 4 and we got the whole thing buttoned up.

We had a great time for Peyton’s birthday on Thursday night…what a life!  She turned two while “helping” pack a truck to move to her fourth house already!

Peyton with her baby Anna helping me pack the truck.

Peyton with her baby Anna helping me pack the truck.

Trying to blow out the candles on her Minnie Mouse cake.

Trying to blow out the candles on her Minnie Mouse cake.

Friday was spent getting the Coach ready to roll, and Jason and Meghan had a lot of appointments as well as the final out on their rental.  All went well.

This morning, they hit the road about 0720, and we were on the road by 0730.  We got to the house about 4pm.  All went well.

Tech Tip:  Self-Bonding Silicone Wrap Tape is tape is the bomb.   Terri picked it up a few months ago, and we have used it a few times already.  I mentioned before that my air system was leaking again.  I crawled under the coach yesterday and used the tape to secure the area that had the leak.  It seemed to work real well, as my pressures stayed where they should have been for the whole trip.  I have an appointment on Wed to get my air system checked and to get some other annoyances taken care of.  Check the stuff out…air and water tight seal, insulates to 400 V/mil, operating temps from -60 to 500 degrees!

We had the Coach all unpacked by 6pm…a land speed record!  We are staging things all over the place…items for the Coach, things to sell, stuff for storage, and on and on.  This near four-month jaunt really showed what we need and don’t need.  We had way too much with us this last time, so we will make corrections now.  This is where some of you may come in handy!


We have already placed some things in storage, and the buyer wants to make an offer on a few items, but there is so much more!  Please, if you are in the local area (or not for that matter) e-mail, call or message us soon if you want to come shopping!  Some of the items we really don’t want to pay to store (and there are a lot of things in storage we would rather not store) are:

2005 Honda CRV, leather and loaded; solid Teak dining room set with six Teak chairs and will seat ten when extended; two Old Timer kayaks with oars and paddles in excellent condition; end tables; art work; dishes; Honda powered self-propelled mower; garage stuff; yard tools; mirrors….give us a call, and come take a look.


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