21 Jan – 1 Feb 2015; HOUSE IS SOLD!, Repairs, Too Much Stuff!!

I have no idea where to begin…what a crazy few weeks.  No way I can go day by day, so we will only hit the highlights.  First off, we have some fantastic friends!  Trase Travers, you were a life saver helping with the move to Orlando.  Kevin, Michelle, Roger, Mabel…thanks for all of the help, advice and support.  Al and Marlena…you kept us on task and upbeat.  Justin and Mandi were invaluable.  So many more of you offered to help, and thanks for that!!

Well, when we got back to FL, as mentioned last time, we had to deal with STUFF and the hope that all would go well with the close of the house.  I have to say, I’ve never been a part of a smoother closing than this one.  Everything was done on time, and some things ahead of schedule.  We closed on the 30th.  We were always expecting the other shoe to drop, or a little hitch in the giddy-up, but that never happened.  Prior to the 30th of course, we had to move things out of the storage unit we had here on the coast, and move everything that was not sold or given away to a new storage unit in Orlando by our daughter.  I picked a truck up on the morning of the 23rd, and it was a lemon.  Warning and engine lights coming on all over.  Took it back, and they scheduled me another truck that was about 12 miles away.  Penske rentals were really pretty good, as they took 20% off the rental price because of their error in getting me a truck that worked.  Trase met us at the storage unit, and it was game on!  We got the storage unit cleared and on the truck in less than an hour, and had the house loaded in about three hours.  Off to Orlando.  We got everything unloaded and in place by 7PM.  We had a small load on Saturday as well, and we are really thankful for the help and getting done so quickly.

Looks empty, huh?  Not anymore.  I think we may be able to get a tooth pick or two into it yet.

Looks empty, huh? Not anymore. I think we may be able to get a tooth pick or two into it yet.

Man that table was heavy!  If I ever called Trase on his man card, he got it back!

Man that table was heavy! If I ever called Trase on his man card, he gets it back!

Needless to say, all went well in the move arena.  Terri has been busy busy busy going through all of the pictures, papers, memories, etc.  She has done an awesome job of weeding out what we need to keep from what is duplicative trash…wow, I may use that saying again some time!

So, you may ask, what was the Coach doing all this time??  Well, it was getting a makeover…much more of a makeover than I had imagined!  It was in the shop from the 21st to the 28th.  A lot more needed to be done than I had thought, and what better time to get it done than when we don’t have to occupy it?  SpaceCoast Auto and RV is one of the best and least expensive repair facilities I know of.  Gene’s hourly rate is at least a third less than any other repair facilities in the area.  And he is honest.  If something needs to be done, he will tell you. If something can wait, he won’t do what you may have suggested just to make a buck.

Here is a recap:  I mentioned the air leaks I had.  Come to find out, the air leak in front was more serious than the one in the rear.  The front had a defective pressure protection valve, and that was replaced. The rear was what we had expected…the “T” that had been installed for the air line to the brake system for my “toad” was installed incorrectly, and this was fixed.  I had them do a complete inspection of all hoses and fittings, and all else checked out well in that area.  Gene inspected the repair job that Jason and I did on the refrigerator grill leak, and claimed it was good to go…yea us!

We have had an issue with our water pump switches…there is one in front and one in the rear.IMG_3928

We have to do a bit of a kabuki dance every time to get it to shut off…bathroom, up front, bathroom, up front.  Back and forth, and it will finally shut down.  I have new switches on order and will replace them myself.  In this process, Gene discovered that my water pump was on its last legs, and didn’t have good pressure.  We had planned to replace it soon anyway, as it was really noisy.  Also, while draining the fresh water tank, Gene, found out that the pump was leaking as well.  Not good at all, and glad he found it!  I did some research and found that the AquaJet water pump provided more pressure with less amperage than the SureFlow that we replaced.  It works great!


What an oily mess!

Here is where the wallet took a hit.  While Gene was checking the hoses and all, he determined that my valve cover gasket had sprung a leak.  I knew I had a little bit of a leak, and when I had the Coach serviced by Cummins in Oct I had them check it and they said all was good.  Not so!  A valve cover gasket usually isn’t that big of deal to replace…unless you have to remove the closet at the back of the Coach to have the clearance to get the cover off that is!!  And a bonus…when the carpet on the closet floor was pulled, it was apparent that the previous owner had spilled something in the closet and there was black mold all over the place,so that had to be mitigated as well as finding new carpet for the closet floor, which took me a while.


Black mold is nasty. A good bleach concoction fixed it.


Gene was true to his word, and we got the Coach back on the 25th.  Just in time to load it up and get to a park.  We were really lucky to get into Wickham Park.  $21 per night for full hook ups.  More on that later.  We loaded well into the night on Wed and Thurs morning.  We headed to the park at 2PM on Thurs and got everything in place, then headed back to the house, as we still had a ton to do.  I headed to Orlando with another load, and Terri with some evening help from Michele had everything ready to go by the time I got back.  We loaded up both vehicles (to the brim!) and headed to the Coach.  Since that time, Terri had been right sizing.

Friday was closing day, so we got back to the house early and did a final cleaning and did some reminiscing.  We really loved the neighborhood, and will miss all of our friends there.

This was on Thursday, just before heading out to the park.

This was on Thursday, just before heading out to the park.


Everything has to find a place!!


My awesome garage...not anymore.

My awesome garage…not anymore.

This place served us well.

This place served us well.  Sorry about my finger in the shot!

So…we still have a trip to make to Orlando for a few items, but for the most part, we are done.  Oh yea, the Wickham Park thing.  We love it here, but there is an underground saying around this place called the Wickham Shuffle.  We experienced that in high order on Saturday.  For some reason, either the software they have, or the folks they have working in the office cannot block off a site for an extended period of time.  They advertise that your site is not guaranteed, so if you come in, you may have a different spot.  That is fine…but…we were put way in the back on a dirt road with real tight spots, and uber dusty.  It was fine, but we knew that on Saturday we were moving to a really nice big spot on the lake off of a paved road.  The occupant of that site was supposed to be out at 1200 on Saturday.  Guess what?  They blew it off, so the park office folk had to call them and to make a long story short, they didn’t show up until 2:00.  Needless to say it really screwed up our Saturday.  We got moved and settled in by 3.  Here is the funny part…they moved to the spot we had been in.  The lady told me I should just stay where I was at so we didn’t have to move…ummmm…nope, she can put up with the dust.  This spot is great that we are in now, and we will enjoy it until we leave here on Wednesday.  Our original plans for Saturday afternoon were to go bike shopping and get to church…both of those things kind of went flat.

We did have great success today on the bike front…I have a new ride!!  I’ve been using Jason’s bike that we got him when he was in grade school up until this point, and we decided I was “authorized” an upgrade.  So here she is:

My new 7 speed cruiser.  It is the most comfortable bike I have ever owned.  New (used) bike rack on the truck as well.  We are ready to roll!!

My new 7 speed cruiser. It is the most comfortable bike I have ever owned. New (used) bike rack on the truck as well. We are ready to roll!!

It was really windy today, but it is real nice right now.  The Superbowl is on, but I’m not really paying too much attention, as I’m still on a serious loss hangover from the Packer game.  The moon is out and full tonight:

Moon coming up and the sunset in the window of the Coach.

Moon coming up and the sunset in the window of the Coach.

We have a few appointments this week, have many calls to make regarding insurance, banking and all, and then we will head up to the Leesburg Fl area where my parent live for a week.  We will be staying a the Holiday Travel Resort and RV Park, and after the week, we will take four weeks to get to Texas to meet up with Terri’s Aunt’s and Uncles for a month.

Whew…I have to post more often, as that was too much to cover, and in not enough detail for this length of time between posts.  As always, we hope you are all happy and healthy and living your dreams!


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