2-3 Feb 2015; Many Good Bye’s, Ready to Move, Bright Moon Arising

What a busy and wonderful couple of days. Yesterday we made the hopefully final trip to the storage unit for the last of what we need to store.  It seems like I spent the majority of the day on the phone yesterday and today. I cancelled the homeowners policy on the house, took care of some final address changes, and spent a lot of time with our insurance agent getting everything set up on our full-time RV policy.

Tech Tip:  There are only about three or four companies that insure you for full-time RVing. The ones I know of and got quotes from are:  Good Sam, Progressive and National General. My policy prior to transfer to full-time was about $1,250 per year. The difference with full-time is you want the additional liability and personal effects coverage like you would have on your house. The other thing to consider is that if you tow a vehicle like we do, you want the Coach and the “toad” on the same policy so if you have and accident and both get damaged, you only have one claim versus two. Well, a lot of emails were exchanged and phone calls made and in the end I ended up staying with National General, who I had insuring the Coach previously. The “negotiations” started at about $3,400 per year, and in the end, I got the coverage I wanted for about $2,200 per year. We also stayed with USAA with a renters policy to cover our “stuff” in the storage unit. We got $25,000 in coverage and an additional $100,000 in liability for around $240 per year. No one likes to be over insured, but I sure don’t want to be under insured considering we are pushing about 32,000 pounds down the road and the Coach contains all of our apparent “really important stuff.”  After that deed was done, I had to cancel my current policy on the truck, and will get a nice rebate on that and the homeowners policy that will more than cover the storage unit for two years, and help out take care of the additional fee on the coach and truck combined.

I mentioned in the past that we might consider changing our residency to South Dakota, as that state is very full time RV friendly. You have to do a cost benefit analysis on everything. Apparently, there have been so many full timers switching to SD for low insurance costs, that the number of claims have gone up to the point that it would have cost me $200 more per year to have the same coverage there!  This was NOT the case one year ago. One consideration with SD is they have no income tax like TX and FL (the two other full time RV friendly states) however, they charge their vehicle registration by weight. My costs would be very high considering the Coach and truck we have. I only pay $65 per year for my registration in FL, so it looks like we will be FL residents for quite a bit longer. The other problem that I have found in my research is that SD requires you to be back in state every three years for driver’s license renewal, and the last I checked, TX requires you to come back once per year. Most of the FL DL and registration requirements can be taken care of on-line with no requirement to be in state.

We were happy to be able to spend the dinner hour and part of the evening with Justin and Mandi in Orlando.  Mandi put on quite the spread.  It was awesome! (You can tell your sister I said that)

I actually did some work most of last night and today.  That always helps, and I enjoy being able to contribute where I can. We also picked up copies of our medical records and are transitioning from Tri-Care Prime to Tri-Care Standard for our medical insurance. We have awesome friends that helped us walk through that entire process. Thanks Todd and Melissa!!

We then spent some time with good friends Roger and Mabel, and I’m the proud owner of a new Flag pole and hitch mount. The pole is the same I had at the house, and Roger set me up with a mount that attaches to the receiver on the Coach. I’ll provide a picture when I get it all set up and get my new solar-powered flag pole light. I had to buy a new one, as the old flag pole conveyed with the house.  That flag pole was one of the hardest things to let go, as it was a military retirement gift from Some dear friends.  Real estate rules suck sometimes. We plan to see Roger and Mabel again at the FMCA Ralley in Madison, WI in late July.

After that we headed back to the Park and checked on availability for next Nov/Dec. WE need to finalize that before we leave tomorrow.  The sites here are real nice and the price is right, so right now we plan to spend The Holidays here later this year. Their refund policy is a little complicated, but reasonable. Terri and I walked the park and circled the sites we would like to be in that are available. Unfortunately the one we are in now is reserved…I think it’s the best one in the Park!  We also played our daily token hand of Cribbage, and I let Terri win this time.

We will actually be back in FL in late Oct, but will be on the left coast at a gathering in Bradenton organized by John and Kathy Huggins of the Living the RV Dream Pod Cast. They have been super supportive and informative as we’ve made this transition. If you are thinking at all about the RV lifestyle, tune into their pod cast which you can navigate to via their website at livingthervdream.com.  I’d provide the link, but I need to spend some more time in blog school to learn how to do that efficiently.

I spent a bit of time on Amazon to order a lock for our new bike rack carrier and a new light for the flag. I also spent the waning hours of sunlight getting everything ready to go tomorrow. All we need to do is secure the inside and dump the tanks in the morning.  We plan to leave here by 10:00AM. That will get us to Leesburg early after a fuel stop, and will hopefully allow time to get everything set up before the storms that they are calling for tomorrow set in. I still need to get that new weather radio!

We have reservations for a week in Leesburg, and I’ve been on-line tonight trying to find military Fam Camps to stay at during our four week trek to TX. I belong to a group composed of retired and active duty military full and part-time RVers and asked for some suggestions, and have been getting some good feedback.

What’s gorgeous moon tonight. This picture does not do it justice at all.  I’ll close with the pic anyway.  As always, we hope you are happy, heathy and living your dreams!!

Full moon coming up over Wickham Park.

Full moon coming up over Wickham Park.



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