8-11 Feb 2015; Family, Cards and Another Move

Spending the past week with my mom and dad and my aunt were exceptional!  We had a blast talking, catching up, and of course playing cards…Up the River, Down the River, Double Euchre, Pinochle, Phase Ten…what a great time!!  We also snuck in another visit with Justin and Mandi…

Sunday was church early, after which Terri and I headed to Orlando to fit a few more tooth picks into the storage unit. We spent most of the afternoon with Justin and Mandi, and caught up on some of our mail that they were holding for us.

On Monday we were lucky enough to meet up for breakfast with more of our relation from Wisconsin who spend some time in FL each winter. After that, Terri and I headed back to the RV Park as they were having their annual two-day yard sale. What a blast that was…more of a way to talk and connect than to buy anything. Terri did find a couple of treasures however.  Our rule is that if you bring something in, something has to go.  I asked her what she was going to get rid of when she bought a DVD, and she pointed at me!!  I won’t ask that question again. Monday afternoon and evening were more cards and dinner, and an early turn in.

Tuesday we were up early to hit the yard sales again. It was rather chilly for FL this time of year, but we had fun. We chatted with a lot of folks from the Midwest, especially Wisconsin (Packer Fans Everywhere!), and some other military retirees. Terri found another treasure, and she used her bingo winnings to treat me to a breakfast at the RV park Cafe. Very good, and only about $8 for both of us…hard to beat that.

We spent the early afternoon getting things squared away for the move on Wednesday, then headed to mom and dad’s for more chat, cards and dinner. We were so blessed to be able to spend this time with everyone!

Aunt Dorothy headed back to WI today, and we made a move too. We were up early, and started the final preps for the move…putting things up and away so they don’t bing and bang while traveling, dumping tanks, securing the bikes, etc.  Being blunt, it really sucks to open a cabinet and get bonked on the head by something heavy that moved during travel…it has only happened a few times, and is usually a cabinet that I secured, which resulted in a bonk on my head. Terri has really learned how to hunker this thing down to travel.  It really doesn’t take very long to get ready to roll. We would have likely finished in about an hour or less, but a lot of folks we met at the park stopped by to chat and say good-bye. We made some good friends at the park that we hope to see again some day.

A side bar on some technical issues. Thank goodness my driver’s seat was well positioned last week, as the electric seat is not electric anymore…in fact, it is not manual either!  It is stuck where it is. I will have to pull the contacts apart and clean them and see if that is the issue, or if the motor has given up. It’s really not an issue right now, as it is positioned for me, but not for Terri. We are also having issues with our new water pump.  With the exception of the toilette flush, it cycles on and off constantly when using either of the sinks or the shower. I called my mechanic, and he suggested a few things that I’ve tried already. Apparently, this will not have an adverse effect on the pump, but it is not right.  There is a hose that I can order to put in line that is supposed to fix the issue, but there are a few other things that I want to try first. We will let you know how is goes.

We hit the road about 1020, and had a great trip up to the Moody AFB, GA FamCamp called Grassy Lake, located in Lake Park, GA. We stopped at a rest stop north of Gainesville for lunch, hit a fuel stop just inside of GA, and arrived at the park at about 2PM.

We had our pick of about ten different sites, and we picked one that is not shaded, as it is supposed to drop into the teens at night later this week, and the sun will be welcomed in the mornings.  This is something we learned in SC.  We had several nights in the teens, but if you have the sun in the morning, it makes all the difference in the world. Most other months of the year in this part of GA we would definitely be in the trees, which there are plenty of here.

The federal government granted this land to Moody AFB in the 50’s for a recreational area. It is over 250 acres with two lakes, about 40 or so RV sites, cabins, picnic shelters, boat and kayak rentals and hiking trails. The best part is it is $17 per night for the weekly rate for full hook ups with 50 AMP service.

After we got set up, we took our bikes on the one mile trail around one of the lakes, and checked out the area.  There is a great group of folks here, and we have invitations to lunch tomorrow, and some other activities this weekend.

We plan to meet up with some friends from FL, Trase and Shonna, at one of the FL State Parks that is close to here on Friday for some hiking and some history at the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park.  For those of those that didn’t know (like me) Mr. foster is acclaimed as the “Father of American Music,” for such hits as Oh! Susanna, Camptown Races, My Old Kentucky Home, Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair and more. Hopefully the park does him justice.

We reached out to an old friend tonight that we thought was still stationed here at Moody, but after a phone call or two, we caught up with him and found out he’s stationed in San Antonio now, and currently TDY in DC. Paul is a great friend and actually family member if you will. We sponsored him as a cadet when we were stationed at the Air Force Academy. We will definitely catch up with his bride even if he is not around when we are in Texas.

Enough chatter…here are some pics of the day:

Just getting set up. Terri was checking in after we had picked the sight.

Just getting set up. Terri was checking in after we had picked the sight.

After our bike trek, stopped at the lake and marina.

After our bike trek, stopped at the lake and marina.

Another shot of the lake.

Another shot of the lake.

Nice long and wide sites here.

Nice long and wide sites here.  All set up for the cribbiage game. Terri kicked my but!!  Note that the flag pole is not all the way up…the tree prevented that. Thank goodness for the telescoping flag pole, as I can adjust the height.

This gives a better idea of the size of the pull through the sites in the open. Real nice.

This gives a better idea of the size of the pull through the sites in the open. Real nice.

A nice Oak hammock out our front window.

A nice Oak hammock out our front window.

I talked before about “Ole Eagle Eye,” well, she did it again.  I wanted to take a back-in site in the trees, as I thought this site we are currently on had too much front to rear elevation change to get level.  I used my old golfing skills to determine the slope by looking at where the water was, and the horizon, elevation, etc.  Well, now you know why I never golf any more…I couldn’t chip or put my way out of a paper bag!  Maybe I could have been a golfer if I had Terri’s eye

That is all for now folks…as always, we hope you are happy, healthy, and living your dreams!!


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