23-28 April 2015; Some Fixes, Got My Girl Back! and Moving on!

The past few days have been a blur.  Worked most of Thursday and Friday, and was able to catch up with a great friend from the past on Saturday afternoon.  Von and I were stationed together as cops at the USAFA in the late 80’s.  What a blast catching up!  All of this led up to finally getting Terri back home!  She had been in WI for a week plus a day, and had a blast with all the grand kids.

While she was gone, I was able to get a couple of other things done…I did get the coach cleaned from stem to stern…I ended up using the Lucas Oil dry wash, and it worked real well.  One of my neighbors came over and asked what I was using, and went out and bought some for himself.  While dry cleaning the Coach, I noted an area with some serious delamination on the side of one of the slides.  Now what??  I headed to the Depot, and found some quick mix epoxy that had a syringe attached that allowed me to get the sticky solution into the small area that was delaminated.  This was an awful time, as it decided to rain, sleet, snow and hail all within about 45 minutes, which was about the time I needed to stand on the step-ladder and hold the delaminated portion after applying the epoxy.  There was no way to clamp the area, so…I was the clamp.  After getting pelted, the area seems to be OK, so I retired for the night.

Early on Saturday, the area seemed to be in good shape, so I applied 100% silicone to the seam outside of the area I had repaired.  It rained like all heck later that day, and all seemed well…a good fix me thinks!

I got a call from Terri early on Sunday morning, as she was already at the Milwaukee airport.  I told her that I was just hitting the snooze button and listening to the rain, and would be up and about soon.  As soon as I hung up with her, it seemed colder than normal in the Coach…wutz up with that?  After a little investigation, I noted I had a fault on my Hurricane heater…what the heck??  For those of you that follow this blog, you know we had this issue way back in SC in December I think.  I went out and opened the bay, and did what I had before…opened the bleed valve and tried to get the thing to start…no luck.  Oh well, got to get to t Denver, I’ll work on it later.  I headed to the airport about 0830.  Terri had a great flight, so we headed to the Colorado History Museum in Denver on the recommendation of my buddy Jeff.  What a great place!  Perfect day to go to a museum too, as it was raining all day.  They had an exhibit called 1968, which covered that time period real well, from the way of living, to the war and all the unrest in our great country at that time.  Very eye-opening.  This is view from the 4th floor looking down at a map of the state of Colorado.  There were some dancers performing:


We then headed out for some nostalgia.  I was stationed at Lowry AFB from 1980-1983, and the base closed a long time ago.  It has since been turned into “Lowry Park,” which has everything from assisted living to both high and low-income housing.  I was pleased that they saved a part of the base called “Lowry Historical Area” and the old headquarters building as well as the “cop shop” that I worked in were still there.  There were a few other buildings that I recognized as well.  What a walk down memory lane!

On the drive back, Terri mentioned that we should get our game on and get gone!  She had mentioned this a few times before, and considering our time line, she was spot on.  If we want to spend any time at all on the Oregon Coast, we need to get gone!  When we got back to the Coach, I decided to try the Hurricane once again, and I got her running this time. Thank goodness, as it got into the 20’s Sunday night.

On Monday morning we stopped at the FamCamp office and let them know we were changing plans, and we got a refund for the remainder of the time we had paid for at the Academy…we originally had paid until 12 May.  The weather actually seemed better north of us…so let’s go!  We then went to the base library and spent a couple of hours travel planning.  Later on, we got a call from Dianne Bouthiller who is in the process of relocating to the Springs again with her husband Tom.  We know them well from Montana and Florida.  We decided to meet up for dinner Monday night.

Great to meet up again!!

The unknown path to old friends is always an enjoyable one!!

We were up early on Tuesday to get everything stowed, as the weather on Monday would not cooperate to get the “storing” of things done.  By 0930 we were all packed and ready to roll.  Our sights were set on the FE Warren AFB FamCamp in Cheyenne, WY.  We pulled in about 1:30 PM, and got a nice site.  Only $10 per night since they still do not have the water or sewer turned on.  OK by us!!

FE Warren AFB FamCamp Site 34.

FE Warren AFB FamCamp Site 34.

As we pulled through the gate, we were greeted by a few speed goats, otherwise known as Antelope.



We spent the afternoon talking to folks in the FamCamp, and getting groceries and making travel plans.  We intend to leave early tomorrow to make it to Rock Springs, WY which is half way to Salt Lake City, UT.  We have reservations at the Hill AFB FamCamp for Thurs-Mon.  We then plan to stay on I80 to Sacramento, then head for the RedWoods, and on to Oregon! No specific plans beyond that, other than to stop in the Junction City area to meet up with a Country Coach expert for some advice, and also will make sure we travel the Columbia River Gorge!!

Nice and open camp ground!

Nice and open camp ground!

Terri kicked my but at the first cribbage game we have had in a long time!

Terri kicked my but at the first cribbage game we have had in a long time!

More Speed Goats on a late afternoon drive.

More Speed Goats on a late afternoon drive.

We are looking forward to a few days of really good weather, and hope to make some good western movement.  As always, we hope this finds you Happy, Healthy, and Living Your Dreams!


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