13-31 December, 2015; End of the Year, Wow! Lot’s of Family

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone.  We hope your year has been a blessed one, and hope 2016 is even better.  Terri and I are still amazed that we have been able to embark on this adventure to be able to spend more time with family and see this great country.  As we end the year, we won’t concentrate on RV stuff (too much,) but rather fun times with family since we’ve been here in MD.

Peyton and Logan got our gigantic Christmas Tree decorated!

Many days have been spent enjoying time with Jason, Meghan and family.  A lot of great meals together, and time with the grands.  We have been able to get the kids overnight from time to time, and that necessitated a trip to the Post Thrift shop to stock up on more toys for the kids.

Early morning flooding the floor with “new” used toys. The Ft Meade Thrift Shop is great! Note Terri’s slippers. she’s so happy that we are in an area that she can wear them…cooler…and that makes for a happy Ron too!

Logan sporting his “Bear” Butt.

Up to the 16th now.  This is the only RV (mostly) portion of this blog.  I’ve mentioned in the past that our nephew Seth has a new construction business, and we hired him to finalize the clearing of the land in WI for an RV pad.  Here are a couple of shots of the progress so far.

It was really wet when he did the excavation and put the roads in. We had the property logged two years ago, but there were still many trees to remove to get the drive correct and the entrance to the pad right. Many loads of road base were hauled in after excavation. This stuff should turn into a “concrete like” road base within a year. This is a shot from about 100 yards into the property, heading toward where we will have the pad.

Here is where the actual RV pad will be. It is currently 40X60 in case we end up building a pole shed. Time will be a factor, but we hope to get water, sewer and electric eventually. In the mean time, we will be able to boon dock here for the summers as long as we can get water in and make trips to a dump station from time to time. The passenger side of the RV will face slightly NW, looking down the slope of the land where most of the wildlife are prevalent.

Fast forward to the 18th, and it’s time for the annual Ginger Bread House build with Peyton:

She did a great job!

Gramps had to help her with the nose art however!

On the 19th we had Logan overnight.  He really likes to play on the steps, which makes grandparents nervous, but he handles it well.  We had a great video of him playing his drums, but I still have some work to do to figure out how to upload videos via you tube and google.

In his happy place.

This brings us up to Christmas Eve.  Logan was not in a sleeping mode, so Terri walked him from Jason’s to the Coach (about 30 minutes away).  I had been at the Coach most of the afternoon taking care of the tanks and such, and getting ready, so by the time she arrived, I walked Logan back.  He slept both ways and got his nap in before Christmas Eve services.

Just waking up after two long walks.

Jason, Meghan and Family after Christmas Eve service.

And Christmas Eve with my bride in front of the tree back at the Coach.

We had an awesome meal on Christmas eve, and headed out early so we could get back in the morning to see the kids walk downstairs and see what Santa brought.

Terri and I arrived before the kids woke up! That never happens. As you can tell, it was warm enough to sit on the porch without coats.

A Jeep!

Gramps with Logan on a trek in his new car.

Later that night Logan had a blast with his Happy Birthday Jesus cake.

We had an awesome meal too…we made a standing rib roast, and my sister provided some great instructions as she makes one usually every year on Christmas.  It was awesome!  On the 26th we were blessed by the visit of Ashley and Toby!  They flew in from WI for a few days, and we all had a great time.

Peyton letting Toby drive her new Jeep. I LOVE this picture!!  I certainly hope they get the opportunity to have fun like this as the years go by.

Wild rides followed by a relaxing evening on the couch.

On Sunday, we headed into Annapolis.  It was great weather, and we had fun walking around the city.  We also visited the US Naval Academy.  Kids do say the darndest things.  When going from the Crypt below the Chapel to the upstairs, Terri and the girls got in the elevator, and Jason was not there.  Peyton said, “Don’t worry about Jason, he’s OK.”  Not Dad, or where is Dad.

Great shot of the gang at the harbor.

We had the awesome privilege of having all three of them in the truck. I think we wore them out!!

On Monday Terri, Jason and I baby sat for part of the day while Meghan and Ashley got some time to themselves.  Later in the day, it was time for cookie making:

I didn’t get any shots of the finished product! They went fast. Great shot of Meghan and Peyton.

On Tuesday, we headed to Port Discovery in Baltimore.  What a great place for the kids to let it all hang out.  The place has every type of thing any young kid would want to do.

Toby playing Corn Hole and learning about MD agriculture at the same time.

My heart got tested on this day as well.  There is a huge center section in this gigantic complex that allows the kids to climb ropes, slide down two-story slides and everything else you can imagine.  Peyton LOVES slides, so I climbed the ropes and everything else with her to get to the second story where the slide starts.  I waited in line with her until she was next to go down, and saw her sit on the edge of the long, two-story tube, and told her to wait for me at the bottom if I didn’t get there in time.  As soon as she said “OK Grandpa,” I flew down to the first floor and waited…and waited…and waited!  Several other kids that were behind us in line came off the slide!  No Peyton!  I ran back up to the 2nd floor, and no Peyton!  I called Terri and told her to help me find her.  Ashley was in the area as well and asked her to stay by the slide and keep looking.  They do have a really good security program here…each person in your party has an arm band with numbers, and only those with matching numbers can get in and out with kids, so unless something unreal happened, Peyton HAD to be inside.  As I was about to lose my friggin mind, Ashley yelled and said, “here she is,” as Peyton came flying out of the slide.  We will never know what happened.  She may have beaten me to the bottom and went back up on her own, or maybe she was hanging out inside while other kids went flying past her…whewww!!  Too much for Gramps!

We asked Toby what he thought was the best part about the trip to Port Discovery, and he said, “The elevator that goes right into the parking garage!”

We got back to Ft Meade and had a nice evening together.  I made a quick trip to the Shopette and was greeted by the Budweiser Clydesdales…they must have an affinity for the Military or something.  None the less, a great sight.

Magnificent creatures!

And all too soon it was later in the evening and the last night that Ashley and Toby would be with us.  Grams is known for her skills at many things, but one that all the grand kids love the most is bath time with her!  I remember not liking baths that much when I was younger, but these kids go nuts when Grams asks if they want a bath.

Having a splash blast!

We were up really early yesterday to get Ashley and Toby to the airport in time for a 0750 flight.  All went well, and they got a little bit more of vacation time in.

I hope the coffee is for you Ashley…

That brings us to today, New Years Eve.  Wow…have we done it up so far today!  Terri went and watched the kids for a while so Meghan could shop for groceries; I did the laundry, cleaned up in the Coach, and wrote this blog.  Terri got back and also got busy with our Christmas present from her mom Shirley and to each other.  We bought a Dyson cordless for the Coach.  We had a full-sized Dyson, but it took up too much space, and really was hard to use in this small space.  This cordless thing works great, and has a lot of attachments that allow us to clean spaces we have not been able to get to before.  Terri spent part of the afternoon mounting it in the closet, and drilling a hole for access to an outlet since there are none in the closet.

Well secured and out of the way! Great job Terri!!

So, that’s about it for our last post of 2015.  It’s been a great year for us, and hopefully for you all too as mentioned earlier.  It looks like the cold weather is finally going to descend upon Maryland this weekend, but we are actually going to extend here for two more weeks.  Would hate to miss Peyton’s birthday party!  Pray that our heating systems all function properly please.

As always, we hope this finds you Happy, Healthy, and Living Yours Dreams!!  Happy New Year!!


3 thoughts on “13-31 December, 2015; End of the Year, Wow! Lot’s of Family

  1. Hi Uncle Ron and Aunt Terri,
    I love your blog! It’s so nice to hear what’s going on in your lives and see all your pictures. I especially love the one of Peyton and Toby in the Jeep! Happy New Year!


  2. Love reading. And thanks for all of the advise. Still have not gotten a Rv I keep finding things wrong may this one a bouncer will pass. Will keep in touch. I will be in the twin cities this summer sometime maybe we could hook up happ new year


  3. Ron and Terri, Great holiday season, and I love the birthday cake. What a wonderful holiday season and the kids and grandkids look awesome, pls send our best. Can’t wait to see you guys next time around, stay safe and warm…

    A and Marley


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