23 Jan – 14 Feb 2016; Snow Aftermath, A Surgery, Getting Out of MD

Happy Valentines Day everyone!  Well, we are finally out of MD!  We sure do miss Jason, Meghan and the kids already, but we had serious “hitch itch,” and it was time to head south before the really cold weather settled in.  We last left you on the morning after the blizzard started in MD.  What follows are a few shots of the rest of the storm and the aftermath.

Just as it was getting light on the 23rd, I took this shot of the picnic table. We ended up with about 3 feet in total.

Looking down the “road” in the campground.

The shoveling starts. Making a path around the Coach. There are bikes under that tarp on the right…somewhere.

Here we are on the roof of the Coach. Gotta get all that weight off and keep it dry if possible so nothing freezes.

Looking over the campground from the roof.

A little snow on the truck. It did get quite windy, so it was hard to tell the total accumulation in some places.

It continued to snow quite a bit on the 23rd. By the time I got done shoveling around the Coach, it was time to start over again.

Thank goodness Jason had an extra shovel. Most of the stores were out on Friday. It was nuts around town.

Making progress!

Got the truck out. You can see one of my neighbors on the roof of another couples rig. Quite a few of us were out and about helping everyone get out from under. You can also see the tow hitch on the front of the truck. we were supposed to have left on the 22nd, but that didn’t happen.

This was as evening fell on the 23rd. Terri shoveled a path to the shower and bath house. This is looking back at the Coach.

On the 24th we were blessed with Blue Bird skies, and everyone was up and about. We were just digging everyone out. The plows did come through the camp ground, but all roads on the Post were closed to traffic.

It stayed cold for several days, so there was no way to get out of the camp ground, as the snow banks were too high to be able to navigate out of the park.

This is one of the “exits” from the campground.

Terri snapped this shot of some of us trying to dig our neighbor “Buba” out.

As night fell, it was nice and warm in the Coach. Time for some football.

We abused the shovel I guess. Terri patched it up as best she could.

We finally made it over to Jason’s a couple of days later. They didn’t see a plow until Monday.

In fact, the folks on the street got together and dug themselves out for the most part.

By Thursday, the streets were clearing up. We had a visit from the fire department. Apparently the thermostat broke in the shower at the other end of the camp and it got so hot inside that it set off the fire alarms.

Just as things were looking up, we got blasted again on Friday. We were supposed to have left, but could not get out of the camp. We were headed to FL for my moms knee surgery.

Since we were not able to get out, we extended at Meade, and I flew to FL on the 1st of Feb.  Terri stayed with the Coach.

My mom and I the morning of her surgery.

Mandi met me at the airport on Sunday and picked me up.  I stayed with her and Justin on Sunday night.  Mandi and I left early to be in Leesburg to get mom and dad and head to the hospital.  The next week plus was just a blur, and I didn’t get any photos.  Mom came through the surgery in great shape, and is doing real well with her physical therapy.  I headed back to MD on the 9th.

Terri met me at the airport, and had my favorite meal, Shepherds Pie with her.  We went over to Jason and Meghan’s and ate with them.  We noted that the weather was going to turn really cold, so rather than wait for the weekend to depart, we decided to pack up that night and head out on Wed, the 10th.

We were up bright and early on the 10th, and let the Coach run for a while as we got everything stowed inside.  Thank God, everything worked well in getting the Coach all pulled together.  We did have some issues with the ride height valves, but they eventually decided to cooperate.

We made it all the way to Roanoke Rapids NC on Wednesday, which was a good stretch considering we did not leave too early.  That would leave us with about 325 miles on Thursday to our destination which was Joint Base Charleston FamCamp in North Charleston, SC.

Terri and I love to play cribbage. I had a hand for all time on Wed night…Terri may not want to play as much any more!!

Thursday was a good travel day, and we arrived at the base around 3 in the afternoon.  They don’t take reservations here, so you only hope they have space.  They did, and we are here until the 21st.

Here we are at Joint Base Charleston.

You really cannot tell by looking at the Coach in this picture, but it is trashed.  We had stopped at a Blue Beacon truck wash on Wed afternoon, and got the Coach and the truck all spic and span.  On Thursday morning, we stopped at a rest area for a bit, and when we got back on the road, we ended up right behind a truck spraying the liquid salt solution on the interstate as NC was expecting a storm on Thursday night.  Well, he sprayed us up pretty good, so now I get to wash the Coach by hand this week.

One of the benefits of being here in Charleston is that one of my best buddies that I grew up with, Mike Szews lives here and owns a Packer Sports Bar.  We love being able to get here every now and then and catch up.  Mike’s place also has what I think is the best food in town.  We’ve spent a couple of nights catching up, which has been great!

Charleston always has so much going on.  This weekend they have the SEWE, or the Southeastern Wildlife Expo going on all over town.  So Terri and I headed out yesterday to check it out.

There were venues all over town. Here we are at a park near the bay where they have hunting dog demos and competitions. It was a great day!

The day closed out with a vertical jump competition. The winner got to 6′ 4″.

Well, that is about it for now.  We depart here next Sunday for Lexington, SC where we are hopefully going to get some much needed repairs made on the Coach.  Nothing too serious, just some nagging issues.  We will keep you updated on all of that.  In the mean time, Terri and I are headed out for some Valentines Day fun.  I’m already behind the power curve, as she got me a card and a 2 way splitter for the water spigot.  I always seem to leave ours behind!  I was trying to get Garth Brooks tickets, as he is here through tonight, but no tickets to be had…rats.  I will say, nothing could compare to the time that Terri and I have been able to spend together since we embarked on this journey…we’ve learned, loved and grown together more than we could have imagined, and right now, have no intention on stopping, God willing.

As always, we hope this finds you Happy, Healthy, and Living your Dreams!!


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