28 Feb – 1 Mar 2016; Truckin on West!

Greetings from ARKLATEX!!  What is that you may ask?  Well, we asked too, and ARKLATEX is the extreme NW corner of LA, where LA, ARK and TX meet.  Heard it a few times on the news today, and we just had to look it up.  Makes sense to all the folks here, but was new to us.  We are at Barksdale AFB in Bossier City, LA just outside of Shreveport, LA.  Here’s is a recap of the past few days.

We awoke early on Sunday to determine what we were going to do hiking and biking wise, and we chose differing paths…I went hiking, and Terri went biking.  I really wanted to get to the falls that we did not see the day before, so I drove up to the falls parking area, and took a half mile trip straight down to see this:

While this falls may not compare to those we have seen in Oregon or NC for that matter, it was still a real nice hike and good to see after failing to get to it on Saturday.

Another shot of the falls. They tell me it is much more majestic after a rain. It was a nice hike straight down and straight back up! Only about a half mile each way from the parking area, so not so bad.

It was such a gorgeous day out, we spent most of it at the campground.  I got some grocery shopping done early, and we just “hung out” after that.

This is what we have found that most state, county or city camp grounds look like on Sunday afternoons when school is in session. We love the serenity of Sunday afternoons!

A shot of our site at Oak Mountain State Park. Alabama does not charge an annual fee to use their state parks, which is real nice. This park was awesome, and we will likely return if we are ever in the area again. It was real difficult to get level, but after we moved sites, we were good to go.

Panorama of the lake below our camp site.

Well, that wrapped up Sunday…and we had a decision to make.  We would either head back to SC to get some of the maintenance issues that they had “fixed” “re-fixed” or keep on truckin.  We decided to keep on truckin.  I talked to the techs, and have ways to keep things working for the most part.  Our mission in life is not to spend time in maintenance facilities, but to continue to explore and enjoy this wonderful country of ours.  We were up bright an early on Monday, and were on the road by 0830, which is early for us.  We had no idea where we were going other than headed to Texas to meet up with Terri’s Uncle and Aunt.  We had an awesome travel day, and ended up at the Ameristar Casino RV Park in Vicksburg, MS.  $27 per night, full hook ups with 50 AMP, WIFI (spotty) and great cable TV.  We have been in many parks that have cable, but it is usually analogue.  This was digital.  We have not had that silly pleasure in a long time.  The park is kind of tight, but good pull throughs, and they have a free shuttle that picks you up at your site to take you to the casino and will bring you back, 24/7…so, off we went…to eat.  Great food at a great price, and no, we did not drop a dime gambling.  Neither one of us are the gambling type.  We did have some surprises on this day though.

A shot out the windshield of the Coach on I-20W. Great road for the most part, but the part through Jackson, MS is horrific! Avoid at all costs. Talk about bouncing cans of beans off your head when you open doors after you stop…man it sucked!!

Our site at Ameristar…nice concrete pads and level for the most part.

Just as Terri and I settled down for a game of cribbage and to look at our maps to plan our route, I noted this…hydraulic fluid dripping out from the main cylinder that controls the slides…another thing we had “fixed.” Ugh. We climbed all around, well, Terri more than I since she could fit in the bay and actually see what was going on, and determined it was not leaking from one of the quick disconnects that we had repaired, but from the main ram itself.

Here is a shot of the back of the ram with the slides out. The fluid was leaking from the area where the cylinder extends. Thinking the O rings is bad…or…or…maybe the tech overfilled the reservoir and it is seepage. I’m hoping for that. We cleaned it up, and it stopped. We will keep on westward bound, and see what happens.

Also, I know that the ride height issue is not taken care of, as no matter what our leveling situation, the front end drops overnight, which means there is either a leak in the front ride height valve, or the air bags…hoping not the air bags.  Other than that, it was a great day!  We were actually contemplating spending another night, and touring the civil war battle fields they have here, but shortly after we awoke, we were peppered with tornado watches and warnings…so in record time, we were on the road!  We took a fairly short trek to Barksdale AFB, home of Global Strike Command.  Had never been here before, and we think it is a really nice base.  Right now, we paid for two nights ($20 per night for full hook ups) but may extend depending on what we find out there is to do here.  It is not too far to the Hill country of TX from here, where we will meet up with Terri’s Uncle and Aunt.  Our friends Porf and Jennifer also recently moved to the Hill Country, so we can hopefully meet up with them as well.  We spent the afternoon getting settled in and laid in some more groceries, and avoided a rain storm or two.  The evening has been awesome, and it has been a blast to see the B-52’s up in the air and continuing to do us proud!  Also, no issues with hydraulic leaks, and the ride height is good…so far.

One of several Buff’s that were doing touch and go’s. The airstrip is not too far away, so we get to enjoy this too!

Our site for the time we are here. Really nice and level…I hit the leveling button and it quit…a good thing…all level. As you can see, we pulled everything out, even though it may be a short stay. It is nice to be able to be outside again! We heard there is a NAF (non-appropriated funds) sale tomorrow on base, so we will have to go over and check that out. Everything from boats to RV’s to smalls. Always a good time…we are not hard to entertain!

Well, I’m trying real hard not to wait so long between posts.  If I do that, I can focus more on the local area that we are in and provide more details on what we have been doing.  This is for us too, as this is our record of our travels!

As always, we hope this finds you Happy, Healthy and Living Your Dreams!!


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