11-18 Mar 2016; Family, Friends and Fun…

Greetings from the Texas Hill Country once again.  We love it here at this time of year.  We are still at the Quiet Creek RV Park, and will be until Monday.  The entirety of Texas must have gotten a camping pass this year…we have not been able to find any other park within 200 miles that has space.  Spring Break for most ends this weekend, so we will be able to get into Guadalupe River State Park on Monday to be with Terri’s Uncle and Aunt.  We are good there until Friday, and then have to find something else, as our reservations in Castroville don’t start until Monday.  We are looking forward to that, as we are going to be attending a military retirement ceremony for one of the cadets that we sponsored at the AF Academy…he has done real well, and is retiring as a full bird in the Cop career field.  So proud of him!  Also, Eric Provost and his buddy Bob are going to join us in the camp ground for a week to check out the local San Antonio scene…so, it appears our dance card is booked.  What follows is a photo montage of the past week or so.

Friday night we met Rick and Lois and their friends from WI, Jim and Janell at Hondo’s on Main in F’Burg for some awesome music by the “Almost Patsy Cline Band.” Vicki Gillespie, the lead for the band has become a great friend over time, and we danced the night away. They actually played a couple of polkas for us, and they dedicated Route 66 to Terri and I. Wow…that was a tough dance…we were “swanging.”

On Saturday, we headed into Fredericksburg and checked out the local fare. Terri found this sign, which is apropos, as Ron has lowered his standards by far and drinks only boxed wine for the most part.

There is a store in town that allows you to test any type of hot sauce, dip, pickle, okra…you name it, they have it. This one I found quite interesting, and immediately thought of my buddy Trase for some reason. It actually tasted quite good.  I think that PBR would have the same effect, but does not taste as good.

A shot of our site at the park after the rains had cleared.

This park just opened in October, and is trying real hard to make it right. We have enjoyed our stay.

OK, here we are on Sunday morning at the Garrison Brothers Bourbon Distillery in Hye, TX. We learned a lot about the production of this VERY high priced bourdon, and how this distillery became the first in the state after prohibition lifted. We have seen and heard a heck of a lot of firsts, largest, bests, etc in our travels . It was a great tour though.

Terri tasting the “beer”

The “cooking” room, where the white lightning comes off before the bourbon goes into oak.

Well, it was Sunday after all. Who knew they had communion at a distillery??? This is the white lightning if you will…before it goes into the barrels.

Everyone enjoying the “cup.”

The bottling line at Garrison Brothers. If you are in the area when they have special runs, you can volunteer to bottle. Every single bottle that comes off the line is personally signed by the owner or his second man.

A sample at the end of the tour.

We planned to head to enchanted rock state natural area to hike, but they were so busy, they closed the gates. We got this great vista shot instead outside of the park.

Stopped off at a local winery after lunch for some great music.

We then headed to good ole’ Luckenbach. Where else you gonna see a big ole’ Texan riding a Longhorn down the street (other than the place we saw the same thing in Oregon??)

Great place…hasn’t changed much since last year.

On Monday, we spent most of the day driving around and trying to find a place to stay for the next week.  We were not so successful.  We drove down to Kerrville, where we stayed last year, and they were full.  We looked at a few other parks in the area and were not real impressed, other than Johnson RV Park which is in a stand of Pecan Trees, but alas, they had no room at the inn so to speak….  We knew we could extend where we are at, so that is what we did.  We ended up back in Fredericksburg and ate at a great little place that has half off their large pizzas every Monday night.  We ate that for three meals!

On Tuesday we visited the Admiral Nimitz and Pacific War Museum. If you are ever here, it is a must see and well worth the entry fee. They give you 48 hours on each ticket, and you need that much time to walk through the whole thing and really absorb it. It takes you from the early 1800’s with Japan’s entrée into Korea and China, to WW-II, which is the main focus. Every single battle is depicted, and real well. This is a photo from one of the outside displays that shows every single battle in the pacific.

This PT boat was recovered a few years ago in NY. It had been transformed into a fishing boat. The museum bought it and restored it to its original condition.

Later that day, we headed down to Guadalupe River State Park to have dinner with Lois, Rick, Jim and Janell.  We had a great time, and great food.  Lois brought some awesome pork chops from WI, and here is a pic of the veggie….

Oh Yeah!!

On the 16th we headed into Gru’ene (pronounced Green) to hear some music, shop and eat at the Grist Mill. Most of my day however was overtaken with talking to the IRS and many other agencies, as I found out that my W-2 information had been stolen…uggh!!

Always good music in the hall.

The view from our table on the deck at the Grist Mill.

Awesome family, new friends and fun.  This place can seat probably over 1,000 folks.  We have been very fortunate each year we have been here.  The outside seating is a must.  We felt like we were in our own private veranda.  The prices are reasonable as well, and the food is awesome!

Unfortunately, most of yesterday was spent locking up all of our accounts and other items because of the identity theft.  We did have a great sunset, and Terri had a blast at the Pioneer museum in town…she did kick my butt at Cribbage however, so we will have to remedy that !

Terrible photographer, but it really was a great sunset!

Today was move day…we had to move to another site.  We will leave here on Monday and head over to Guadalupe River State Park to join Terri’s Uncle and Aunt.  We are good there until Friday.  We are still waiting to hear from our repair facility in Nacogdoches so we can schedule going back up there to get our new part put in for the slides.  I did talk to HWH this week, and we can use our bedroom slide, but not the living room.  Oh well, all is good.

The weather here had been great, but got a bit humid yesterday.  It just rained a bit a few minutes ago, and this is supposed to usher in a cold front, which will dry us out and bring the temps down to the 60’s for highs…yeah!!!  We got a few other things accomplished too, Easter stuff sent to a few, reservations made for a wedding in Northern WI over Labor Day, and making reservations for a wedding in June in MI.  Gonna be a busy summer!!  I think we have decided that we are going to head to the NE once we clear this area in April.  Terri has never been there, and I think we will have time to check it out before the June wedding in MI.  After that, the plan is WI until the late fall.  We have a lot to do on our property to get it to the point we can park there.

That’s all for now folks.  As always, we hope you are Happy, Healthy, and Living Your Dreams!!!

Just Sayin…..Barry D.



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