5-10 April, 2016; Fun, Friends and a Move

Greetings from Corpus Christi, TX, which as most of you likely know is literally translated as “The body of Christ,”  we hadn’t realized that, but once we read it, we were like, duh!  We last left you in San Antonio on the 4th.  We’ve since transitioned away from where we were staying at Fort Sam, but I’m getting ahead of myself…here’s a recap of the past several days.

We stuck fairly close to home on Tuesday, as we were preparing to move, as well as getting ready to go out for our belated Anniversary Celebration.  We obtained tickets to the Musical Cinderella at the Majestic Theater in downtown San Antonio.

The musical started at 7:30, so we headed into town early to relax and have a bite to eat. Nice shot of boats in the water along the Riverwalk.

We were able to secure a nice second story patio seat above the river at the Esquire Tavern.

The Esquire boasts that they have the “longest” natural wood bar in the country. We will get to all of this longest, largest, first, most stuff later.

First Rye Whiskey Old Fashioned I’ve had…I enjoyed the kewl looking ice cube much more than the drink.

Another great shot of the folks on the river.

In the Majestic Theater, looking from rear to front.

They have done a great job keeping this theater in shape.

Center of the ceiling.

The stage from our seats.

Stage left box seats to the balcony.

Above the stage.

Almost show time.

It was a great performance.  No photography allowed during the show of course.  We got home quite late, and were up early to get the rest of things squared away for our drive to Corpus Christi.  We said “until next time” to great new friends Lance, Melissa and their awesome German Shepherd Dyna.  We made good time on the way down, and arrived at NAS Corpus Christi FamCamp early in the afternoon.

Large concrete slab sites, plenty of room between you and your neighbor. We were lucky enough to get a site that overlooks the bay, but it is quite windy. I’ve had to take the flag down recently, as the sustained winds are over 20 MPH most of the time.

The laundry and showers are right behind us…the laundry is free! This is the first we have experienced that. Also, Paul, the Country Coach owner we met at Fort Sam is here with us, and we’ve become great friends as well.

Another shot of the camp ground. The dirt piles you see are from the multitudes of Gophers, or as they call them here, Ground Squirrels.

Thursday brought forth a beautiful day.  We spent some time cleaning the Coach, and a few other household chores.  I also received a nice e-mail from the folks at REMCO, the company that made the water pump I’d just replaced.  They informed me that the water pump I’d sent them back had a manufacturer’s defect, so they were refunding me the price of the pump and shipping…!

Mid morning on the bay.

Some people hire folks to clean their Coaches. Terri and I hire Gophers to clean our barbecue brush.

He may be a bit short, but he completed his job quite nicely.

Later in the afternoon Paul came over and invited us to dinner at an Italian restaurant on the barrier Island where a guy that he knew was playing and singing for the night.  Good food, good friends, good music.  Here is the sign at the front of the restaurant:

This is quite a contrast to all the other signs and statements we have seen in Texas.  We used to joke with each other when we visited Ireland quite a few years ago the way the people claimed they had the first, biggest, longest whatever you can think of.  We found this quite prevalent in Oregon last year also….well, Texas is not to be outdone.  Here are a few samples from one magazine we recently picked up:

  • Corpus Christi 8th LARGEST city in the state
  • Padre Island National Seashore is the LONGEST undeveloped barrier island on the PLANET
  • Corpus Christi has MORE individual species of birds than ANY other U.S. City!
  • 5th LARGEST Port in the U.S.A.
  • Home of the VERY FIRST Whataburger…guess we will have to try one.
  • And don’t forget the LONGEST natural wood bar in the U.S. mentioned above.

On Friday we knocked on Paul’s door to see if he wanted to take a drive with us going North on the barrier Island to Port Aransas.  This was a great trip.  You can drive on the beach almost the whole way…about 30 miles more or less.

Crowds were starting to appear the later it got in the afternoon. You can camp on the beaches, and we saw many tents, travel trailers and motorhomes getting ready for the weekend.

Just a guy and his girl…

Paul and I. He is a retired AF from Oregon and a full timer as well.

Great art work that you have to watch out for so you don’t run it over!

With the truck in the background to give you an idea of the scale. A lot of work went into this.

A place we stopped in Port Aransas to grab a drink. It is called Stingrays. The two guys that own it claim that their wives told them they had to sell their 1970 and 1977 fully functioning Stingrays…they just couldn’t do it, so they built the bar around them.

We meandered down the road a bit, and had a great burger at the “Back Porch,” and caught this sunset.  The Back Porch works in concert with a food place next door called Woodys.  Woodys will cook you anything off the menu, or will cook fish that you’ve caught during the day any way you like.  It was a really nice place.

Got to love sunsets, as my brother John says…you have to see the sun get wet.

Yesterday was pretty much a close to home day.  We wanted to go tour the USS Lexington which is on display in the Port here, but it was too crowded, so we will do that early next week.

The USS Lexington. We hope to tour her tomorrow.

We did some shopping and took a walk along the pier on the NAS.

There is a lot of room to roam here.

We grilled out last night, and were up this morning and invited to church with Paul and his neighbor Lee who occupies the space between Paul and us.  Great little Lutheran Church in Flour Bluff, which is right outside the gate.  Afterward we had lunch at a nice little Mexican restaurant, followed by a few laps around the largest indoor flea market I’ve seen in a long time.  As I told Terri…I never saw so much stuff under one roof that I don’t need.

A while after we got back, Paul stopped by with his Apple AV lightening connector.  We hooked it up to our HDMI on the TV, and it works great.  Another purchase on the horizon.  We have Amazon Prime, which allows you to download any shows or movies you want to watch when you have WIFI and save them for later.  This will allow us to project our IPhone screen on our TV when we don’t have WIFI.  We have Apple TV, but you have to have WIFI to use it, and in a lot of cases, the individual providers don’t allow streaming to the Apple TV.  Thanks Paul!  WIFI is king out here, as I mentioned in a post from October…the full time RV lifestyle hierarchy of needs starts with WIFI according to some.  This park is better than most.  Spotty at times, but good most of the time.

Well, that is about it for now.  We plan to hopefully get together with Paul, Lee and Lee’s wife this evening if the weather holds.  Speaking of the weather, we are presently scheduled to be here until Wednesday, but they are currently forecasting thunderstorms for all day Wednesday.  It has been so windy here as I mentioned before, that we may just pull chocks on Tuesday and get to the Houston area.  Our next hard stop is the 20th at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS.  Jason, Meghan and family will be relocating there for his next assignment, and we will stay a bit to help get them all moved in.  After that, it’s either a beeline to the NE until late June, or a detour through Moscow, IA to get our leveling and hydraulic system inspected by the folks that made it.

Until next time, we hope you are all Happy, Healthy and Living your Dreams!!!



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