23-29 July 2016; More Family Time and Some Repairs

Happy Friday everyone!  Wow, actually only a week between posts…I must be coming down with something.  It has been a great and busy week, and we’ve put a lot of miles on the truck running back and forth to Wausau for various reasons.

We left you last Friday with some predicted severe weather moving in, but it bypassed us.  That seems to happen quite often at this campground.  The locals say it is because we are right on Lake Michigan.  I don’t know what it is, but I hope this keeps up.

On Saturday, the 23rd, Garreck invited us to his company picnic.  He works for Snap On Tools, and they put on one heck of a great show each year.  We were lucky enough to attend last year as well.  We were also joined for the weekend by one of Ashley’s college room mates, Amy, who we hadn’t seen in many years.  It was a great weekend of enjoying each others company and catching up.  Let’s get on with some pictures.

They really do a great job at this picnic. Face painting, air brushing, horse rides, petting zoo, bounce houses, (they have stuff for kids too!) great food and refreshments and entertainment.

Toby all “Batmanned Up”

On to the air brushing.

Life wouldn’t be complete without a Dragon tattoo!

On to the horse back rides.

And the petting zoo!

It was a hot and humid day, but cloudy, so it was not too bad. There were about 300-400 people here. One nice thing that they do is invite all of the retirees of the company to attend as well. Kenosha is the headquarters for Snap On. If you look real close at this picture, you can see Terri participating in a hula hoop contest. She did really well, placing 4th out of about 20 contestants.

The capstone event at the picnic is the prizes for the employees. They give out a ton of Snap On stuff. Everything from coolers, shirts, hats, drills, tools, roll away tool chests…you name it! I doubt we will get an invite next year, as Garreck has not won at all when we have been in attendance.

All in all, it was a great day, followed by a lot of card playing in the evening.  On Sunday morning we joined Ashley’s family for church, followed by more fun and games.  The weather was really odd on Sunday.  Garreck and I were looking outside, and saw fog rolling in off of Lake Michigan.  Their house is only one lot away from the lake so we went and took a look:

The fog horns in the harbor were going off all day long to help the boaters get back in. There are a lot of fishing charters that use the marina in Kenosha, so I’m sure they were thankful for the guidance, as it was real thick.

That sums up the weekend.  On Friday, we got a call from the guy that was refinishing the couch, and he said he was done.  We took advantage of a slow Monday to drive the truck up to the Wausau area and pick it up.  We spent the night at Terri’s mom’s place.  It was an awesome night, and wildlife were out all over.  In fact, early on Tuesday morning, we were awakened by two adult and four young Sand Hill Cranes that were right outside the living room window of the house making a serious racket.

Looking South from Shirley’s house into the field. It is hard to see, but there is a doe near the trees below the hill. She has two fawns.

Summer is in full swing here, and the place looks great. They have gotten a lot more rain in Central Wisconsin than they have down by Ashley’s, so everything is popping. The corn is already tasseled out, which is really early compared to when we were kids. Back then you only hope for knee high by the 4th of July.

A great shot looking West.

To illustrate how fast things are growing this year, this filed of alfalfa was baled in early July. This is the third crop that is now already knee high on Terri.

We were on the road about noon on Tuesday after going to Terri’s mom’s eye appointment with her, and going out to breakfast.  We made it back to Caledonia about 3:30 or so, and got the couch installed.

Here is the refinished couch. It is black and gray, and seems to work real well with the interior of the Coach.

In the “bed” configuration.

And Terri’s favorite place in the Coach….

We are really happy with the results, and Terri is looking forward to making new covers for the window valances now.  We were up and at it early on Wednesday, as I had an appointment to get some warranty work done on the truck.  The electronic vacuum pump for the brake system was failing, and covered under extended warranty.  I got the truck in at about 0800.  About 0930, the Ford dealer called and asked of I had added something to the vacuum lines.  Why, yes, I have.  The supplemental braking systems is “in-line” with the truck system, and provides application of the truck brakes when I am towing it behind the Coach.  When I apply the Coach brakes, the air system on the Coach activates the brakes in the truck.  They informed me that the new pump has different lines, and they would not be able to reconnect my supplemental braking system due to liability issues.  They said they were able to disconnect my parts and zip tie them under the hood.  Some things are never easy, are they?  I made a quick call to SMI, Inc., the manufacturer of my Air Force One braking system, and they were awesome!  They are a small family run business out of Indiana, and their tech support is outstanding.  Boyd was the tech I dealt with, and he sent me pictures and graphics of what I would need to do once I got back to the camp ground.  The pictures and graphics he sent were quite different from the set up I have, so I sent him some pictures, and he was able to overlay graphics to indicate what needed to go where.  Here are some shots of the ordeal.

Here you can see the new black vacuum line, and in the background is the remnants of what was previously installed where this line is.

Here you can see the part that was removed. On the left is a check valve, and to the right of it is a 3/8″ T that allows the air to run to the Air Force One system. It was quite easy once we were able to determine what Ford had done. The line Ford used was too small to place the check valve and T back in the original position, so we attached it directly in line out of the cylinder where you see the black hose that the zip tie is attached to.

And here is everything installed in the new configuration. All seems to be working well. We won’t know for sure until I can hook it up to the Coach and let it air up.

That pretty much took care of Wednesday.  Yesterday was a cleanup day.  I stripped all of the caulk off of the top of the slide out awnings where they attach to the roof and applied new caulk.  You need to keep an eye on the caulk all over the Coach to prevent leaks and such.  That took a few hours, but all got done.  Terri spent a lot of time organizing in the Coach.

Today, we are headed up to the Wausau area to see family and friends and will be staying at Terri’s mom’s house once again.  We will head back down on Sunday.

That about covers things for now.  As always, we hope you are Happy, Healthy, and Living Your Dreams!!!


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