About Ron and Terri

Terri and I hit the road full-time in our RV on 20 September, 2014.  We hail originally from Wisconsin, where we still have many family and friends.  I spent 25 years in the US Air Force, and could not have made it without Terri by my side that entire time.  We retired from the Air Force in 2004 in Florida.  We spent the next 10 years in industry, myself as a government contractor, and Terri as a Realtor, among many other jobs and volunteer positions.  We have three grown and married children and 5 grandchildren.  Our kids are located in three different states, which made it difficult to spend time with them and the grandkids for any length of time.  This was the main reason for our decision to hit the road full-time, along with the yearning desire to further explore this great country of ours.

We developed this blog to hopefully keep our family and friends up to date on our experiences, as well as provide some educational data (read that as learn from our mistakes, of which there have been many already) for others that enjoy (or are thinking about) the RV lifestyle.

Our 2002 Country Coach Intrigue

Our 2002 Country Coach Intrigue


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